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   Revised Rules September 17, 2017

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Property Owners Association, Inc.  



These are just a few of the Rules and Regulations found in your Covenants and Restrictions which run with the land and are binding upon all owners, their families, tenants, guests, invitees, servants and agents of Yacht Cove POA. (Most common violations listed below).  Website: www.yachtcovehhi.com for Covenants/Restrictions.

1.  No trash, stored materials/equipment, propane fuel tanks, inoperable or vehicles without current licenses or similar unsightly items shall be allowed to remain on any Dwelling Lot outside an enclosed structure.

2.  In the event that the Owner of any Dwelling lot fails or refuses to maintain their property free from weeds or other unsightly growth, the association may enter upon such Dwelling lot ten (10) days after posting a notice thereon, requesting the Owner observe this paragraph and upon such entry may remove all unsightly items or growth at the Owner's expense. No such entry shall be deemed a trespass.

3.  NO SIGNS or advertising shall be permitted on any property, common areas, entrance, etc., unless approved by the Board. This particularly applies to "For Sale" - "For Rent" - "Garage Sale" - "Political" signs.

4. Pets shall not make an unreasonable amount of noise or become a nuisance.  Pets shall be leashed or under voice command at all times when walked or exercised off your property. Dog owners must dispose of pet's droppings immediately. POA Fine are applicable. (This is also a Town ordinance which carries a fine up to $1,092.50 and or thirty (30) days in jail).

5. No bicycles, boats, trailers, recreational or commercial vehicles, (defined as any vehicle with advertising on exterior or larger than can be housed in a residential garage) shall be parked overnight anywhere in Yacht Cove outside an enclosed structure and cannot be visible from the street.  Garage doors should be closed after 9:00 P.M. for aesthetics as well as security issues. Such vehicles may only be brought on a Dwelling Lot for the purposes of home maintenance, unloading or loading but must be removed from the Dwelling Lot as soon as such task is completed.

6. No building fences, walls or other structure shall be erected, placed or altered on any Dwelling Lot until the proposed building plans, specifications, exterior color or changes to exterior color/finish, plot plan, landscape and or outdoor lighting plans are approved in writing by the Association's Architectural Review Board per the Covenants. All Dwelling Units must provide for off street parking for two (2) automobiles.  Fencing erected on dwelling lots shall not exceed four feet (4') in height. Town Homes are permitted a Privacy Wall between units as originally constructed (not to exceed sixteen feet (16') in length per Covenants. Although many owners have extended their yards, planting, fences and or personal recreation equipment into common areas or open space, the Association has granted no approvals, and all owners are to know that common area is just that and not open for adverse possession. Again, if you have any questions on your property lines or encroachments please check with a Board member for property plats on file.

7. Short-term rental of any Dwelling shall not be allowed. Only leases for periods of six (6) months or greater shall be permitted. Tenants occupying property must be names in the lease.

8. Parking on or personal use of common areas NOT permitted without Board approval. (Approved: Jib Sail Common area & Clubhouse parking for Pool or Clubhouse use only).


Parking on or personal use of common areas is not permitted without Board approval. (Approved: Jib Sail common area and Clubhouse parking (for amenity use only).  NO PARKING ON STREET AFTER 2:00 A.M. VEHICLES WILL BE POSTED WITH NOTICE TO TOW ON FIRST VIOLATION AND TOWED ON SUBSEQUENT VIOLATION. No Parking is permitted at any time on homeowner's landscaping, sidewalks or devil strips. Owners who want to expand private parking should use pavers etc and consult with the Yacht Cove Board for architectural review and permission.

COVENANT VIOLATIONS NOT CORRECTED:  After proper notice given a fine in the amount of $150.00 will be assessed.

OUTSTANDING OWNER ACCOUNT: $25.00 penalty and administrative charge will be added to quarterly statements for all accounts with outstanding balances.

Yacht Cove POA Hotline:  843.785.6838
PO Box 4773
Hilton Head Island, SC  29938

Click Link Below for Covenants & Restrictions

Seeking Volunteers:   If you are interested in volunteering on a committee (Landscaping, Rules/Violations, Community Watch) please contact any Board member.
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